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Y Combinator Backed Nebia Unveils New Shower System

Nebia, a 2014 founded, San Francisco based, Y Combinator and Apple CEO Tim Cook backed startup, known for its shower system which it says uses up to 70% less water than conventional ones via a unique "water droplet technology that atomizes water", has unveiled a new version dubbed the Nebia Spa Shower 2.0, this time, promising more heat, more power and more water coverage.

Nebia has taken to Kickstarter, the same spot it debuted the first Spa Shower, raising $3.1 million from over 8,000 backers in 2015. Now on Kickstarter with the Spa Shower 2.0, Nebia has garnered more than $600,000 - 600% of its $100,000 funding goal - just a day after launch.

For summary, Nebia 2.0 keeps all features from the first version - like a sliding arm, megnetic dock and head tilt - but promises 3x faster water droplets and 2x more water coverage for users, coming in multiple colors to match various bathroom designs. Nebia says the new shower system is compatible with 95% of U.S. homes, up from 6…

SimpliSafe steps outside the home with the Video Doorbell Pro


Home security device manufacturer SimpliSafe has now made its first step outside the home with the launch of a Video Doorbell Pro device which enables users keep an eye out beyond the front door in crystal clear 1080p HD and with a super wide 162° diagonal field of view.

The Video Doorbell Pro's High Dynamic Range imaging (HDR) enables the camera to adjust to extremes of bright and dark light for output of a clear view of what's going on in the porch even in harsh sunlight. At night, Infrared vision is also available for clear view of what's going on for the user.


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The new security camera designed in partnership with leading design firm IDEO comes with a dual-sensor motion distinct for SimpliSafe which makes use of a PIR sensor which detects human heat signature and an image classification sensor that detects human form for combination to produce a more accurate, less likely to false alert and a discerning vision.

It also provides two-way audio capabilities and a door chime which lets users talk with anyone through the door through the SimpliSafe app. Its audio system is fitted with noise and echo cancellation which supports for clear audio during communication.

“Video Doorbell Pro gives homeowners advanced safety features for significantly less than any other like doorbell on the market,” SimpliSafe founder and CEO Chad Laurans stated concerning the new release “Our mission is to make every home secure, and part of the way we do this is by eliminating barriers like frustrating user experiences and price.”


Design is an important but often overlooked feature of modern home security," IDEO design director Dirk Ahlgrim also added. "Video Doorbell Pro is in most situations the first touchpoint for someone with a home, so from the beginning we recognized how important it was to visualize a welcoming technology that also communicates protection."

The new Video Doorbell Pro is already available on the SimpliSafe website and in Best Buy stores across the U.S. It comes at a cost of $169. Units purchased at Best Buy will be bundled with interchangeable faceplates in Obsidian, Cloud and Jade. Other interchangeable faceplates options will also be made available in soon time.


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VW And Ford Reportedly Apart On Investment In Ford's Self-Driving Unit

Volkswagen and Ford, amid reports of the former mulling an investment in Ford's autonomous vehicle unit, are said to be in dis-agreement on the amount to be invested, with Ford seeking at least $500 million, after seeking an earlier $1 billion. Reuters reports this, citing people familiar with the negotiations.

Reuters says Volkswagen has resisted agreeing to invest in Ford's self-driving unit, instead preferring to announce a collaboration on this area. It says some of he hesitation comes from questions about Ford's self-driving technology. Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess previously said that both companies have not officially decided to collaborate on self-driving cars, a field he termed as one with "still a lot of hype".

Shortly after, both companies announced an alliance on development of commercial vans and pickup trucks, a market that makes up high amount of revenue in the automobile scene. According to Reuters, another issue in the investment talks is how bo…

Johnson & Johnson To Acquire Auris Health For $3.4 Billion

In sync with a previous report, Johnson & Johnson has announced it'll be purchasing surgical robotics Auris Health for $3.4 billion in cash, and additional payments of up to $2.35 billion tied to certain milestones. New Jersey headquartered Johnson & Johnson is acquiring Auris Health via its subsidiary, Ethicon, with a purchase price of $3.4 billion marking one of the largest exits in the medical technology market.

Auris will complement Johnson & Johnson's acquisition of Orthotaxy’s robotic technology for orthopaedics and the continued development of the Verb Surgical Platform, via a strategic partnership with Alphabet's Verily. Auris which develops robotics tech for medical applications, is backed by notable names like Viking Global, Coatue Management, Lux Capital, Wellington Management and Highland Capital.

The company has raised $730 million in total funding according to Crunchbase data, last valued at about $2 billion from a previous round. “We’re thrilled…

Netflix Reportedly Scoops Up Cortez Campaign Documentary For $10 Million

Knock Down The House, a campaign documentary featuring U.S. Representative for New York's 14th congressional district, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was reportedly acquired by Netflix for $10 million, after receiving the prestigious Sundance Festival Favorite Award. Deadline reports this price, noting of the price being the highest amount ever, brokered for a documentary at a film festival.

Netflix beat competition from Amazon, Hulu, Focus and NEON to acquire the documentary, Deadline says. Along with Cortez, the documentary features campaign stories of congresswomen Cori Bush, Amy Vilela and Paula Jean Swearengin. This furthers Netflix's hefty spend on content, as it races to keep users on its platform with exclusive titles, amid competition from the likes of Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Disney's upcoming streaming service.

In recent times, Netflix has acquired titles like Evangelion, animated feature Pachamama, Nollywood movie Lionheart, sci-fi thriller I Am Mother, Zac Efro…

Flexport Reportedly In Talks To Raise $500 Million Softbank Led Round

Flexport - a San Francisco based freight forwarding and customs brokerage startup, valued at over $1 billion from a $100 million investment by China's SF Express, made in April 2018 - is said to be raising around $500 million in a Softbank-led round, that would mark the Japanese based tech conglomerate's third consecutive investment in a week span, after autonomous delivery startup Nuro and UK fintech OakNorth.

Axios reports this, citing a source that says Flexport may be valued at around $3 billion with this round. It however states that a final investment could be smaller if both parties - Flexport and Softbank - gets concerned about CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States) approvals.

Flexport has already raised $300 million in funding according to Crunchbase data, from investors including Founders Fund, Bloomberg Beta, DST Global, First Round Capital, Alrai Capital and Y Combinator. Founded in 2013, the company provides global logistics services like ai…

GM Cruise Is Short Of Self-Driving Miles Predictions

According to a report released on Wednesday by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), GM Cruise, General Motors' self-driving unit, clogged 450,000 self-driving miles all of last year in California where it does the bulk of its testing. This falls short of a prediction made by Cruise co-founder and then CEO Kyle Vogt 14 months ago, when GM told investors it was on the edge of putting 1 million miles on its self-driving test cars each month.

According to the report, self-driving leader Waymo clogged 1.2 million test miles in California in all of last year, a more than triple from 352,000 miles in 2017. But for consideration, Cruise was launched in 2013 compared to Waymo which clocks a decade old this year. Along with this two, other companies that test self-driving cars in the state of California include Nuro - which just raised $940 million from Softbank, TuSimple - which just raised $95 million Series D funding, Apple, Bosch, Baidu, Aurora, Ford, AutoX, Honda, Lyft, …

Amazon To Acquire Home Mesh WiFi Startup, Eero

Just days after revealing it spent a total of $1.65 billion on acquisitions in 2018, Amazon has announced it's acquiring Eero, the popular maker of home mesh WiFi systems that makes use of multiple access point to surround homes with fast and reliable WiFi coverage all on a single network.

Amazon has previously acquired video doorbell company Ring and home security camera maker Blink, marking this as another addition to its hardware line, one that's key for use of its virtual assistant, Alexa. How much Amazon paid for Eero is not disclosed, but for a hint, Eero last raised $50 million Series C funding in 2016, at a roughly $278 million valuation, according to Pitchbook data.

The San Francisco based company has raised some $90 million in funding according to Crunchbase data, from investors including Andy Rubin's Playground Global, First Round Capital, Menlo Ventures, StartX, Slow Ventures, Shasta Ventures, Grishin Robotics and Redpoint.

“From the beginning, eero’s mission …

EA's Apex Legends Hits 25 Million Players In A Week

Electronic Arts' new battle royale game - Apex Legends - has set record with 25 million player signups in just a week of release, the company announced on Tuesday, sending its shares up 8.5% on the public markets. According to Respawn's Vince Zampellla who broke the news, Apex Legends also has "well over" 2 million concurrent players along with its 25 million total players.

Hitting such high metric in short time places Apex Legends as a super viral title, garnering 10 million players within three days and now 25 million within a week. For comparison, Fortnite, the biggest battle royale title right now took 2 weeks to hit 10 million players and 6 weeks to hit 20 million players, according to gaming industry analyst Daniel Ahmad.

EA, which is behind several popular titles like FIFANeed for Speed, Plants vs. Zombies, The Sims and Battelfield V is likely trying to reproduce the success of Fortnite - which has developed a massive following with teenagers and older game…

Kroger Unveils Mobile Payments App And New Rewards Debit Card

Kroger - the largest grocery chain in the U.S. - has announced a new mobile payments method, "Kroger Pay", a solution that is says "securely combines a customer's payment and loyalty card information to create a faster checkout experience". Kroger Pay is available or iOS and Android devices will work this way :

A customer - who has linked a card with the app - enters their custom PIN  or bio-metricsThe app provides a single-use QR code to scan at the checkout terminal to quickly link with payment and loyalty card information (including digital coupons and personalized offers) Checkout is done
The new payment method has launched in Kroger's Columbus, Ohio division, and will roll out to 10 additional markets in the spring. A nationwide launch is planned for later this year. Kroger is also launching a new rewards debit card, a payment option that connects directly to a customer's checking account, offering benefits like bonus fuel points and Our Brands dis…

Uber Sues NYC Over Cap On Number Of Allowed Drivers

Uber is taking New York City to court over a decision to limit the number of ride-hailing drivers allowed on the streets. As reported by Bloomberg, Uber is expected to file the suit this Friday, arguing that the city doesn't possess enough evidence to prove a claim of limiting the number of ride-hailing drivers as a way of lessening congestion.

The San Francisco headquartered company is also alleging that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is treating the business unfairly, stating that the mayor for five years running, doesn't intend to take a look at ongoing congestion studies on their merits but has instead already bind to constantly limit the number of drivers in the city.

Uber also argues that the City of New York is overriding the state's authority to place a limit on the number of professional drivers allowed on the road. It says a limitation “will have a disproportionate impact on residents outside of Manhattan who have long been underserved by yellow taxis and mass tr…

Mastercard, Visa Reportedly Mulling To Up Merchant Transaction Fees

Mastercard and Visa, the two largest U.S. card networks, are said to be preparing to increase certain fees it charges U.S. merchants for transaction processing. The Wall Street Journal reports this, citing people familiar with the matter. According to WSJ, some of the changes relate to interchange fees - transaction fees that a merchant pays whenever a customer makes use of a credit/debit card to make a purchase from their store - and will take effect by April.

The paper also says that fees levied on financial institutions - like banks - by  Mastercard and Visa, for card payment processing on behalf of merchants are also set for an increase. This report comes few months after Mastercard and Visa agreed to pay $6.2 billion in settlement to end a long-running price-fixing case brought against it by merchants. Merchants accused both companies of violating anti-trust laws by forcing retailers to pay swipe fees and preventing them from directing customers to other payment methods. The set…